The Rotaran Campaign

The Story so far

Approximately one month ago, Talia, Ameratat and Elwe met in Elwe’s magical lab. She wanted to show her friends a new magical amulet she discovered. She expected to use it to hurl a fireball across the room, or some other such dramatic effect. Instead, the whole room exploded, and when the smoke cleared, the three girls found themselves in the middle of a strange field…with an army on one side and a fortress on another. They had stumbled into the middle of a battle!

After the battle, they befriended the attacking side, the Valerii from Mt. Vala led by Captain Basil. It seems they were defending the southern extent of their territory from the encroachment of the soldiers of Zartos, an evil empire lead by a Wizard-king named Zartos. The Zartos soldiers had recently built a wooden fort when the Valerii put to the torch.

The three adventurers traveled north-west and reached a village, the village of Tauos. At the village, the group met an old scholar who told them of a prophecy about the rise of an ancient kingdom. The prophecy mentioned something about dark ruins and the king. The party also befriended the inhabitants of Tauos, and when a Zartos patrol came to the village, the party prepared to defend the village. Talia succeeded in intimidating the patrol into leave the village without a fight.

Approximately three weeks ago, after leaving the village of Tauos and crossing some foothills (where some interesting inhabitants were found) the party reached the Fey Forest. Here they met the faery races of Rotaran, who under the leadership of Finstandantilus(aka “Fin”) had remained hidden in their forest for 1,000 years. It turns out the Fin’s original homeland is the distant land of the Cauldron where our three adventurers are from. Fin was happy to meet a fellow Satyr in the person of Ameratat. Fin was also please to meet Elwe, as Fin had been good friends with Elwe’s grandmother, who it turns out was born in Rotaran. In the case of Talia, Fin made an exception to the law of the forest that no human be allowed entrance. The adventurers soon repaid Fin’s kindness by defeating a corrupted Celestial Elk. These pure white elk are magical animals that are guardians of the forest. However, one was corrupted by some sort of magical crystal which bore the stamp of Zartos. Fin also told the adventurers of how a thousand years previously, the Rotaran King had become paranoid and banned all magic, and even went so far as to kill members of non-human races, especially the Fey races. Fin has held a grudge for the last thousand years. Fin believes that the Rotaran kingdom is still in existence.

Talia, Ameratat, and Elwe left the forest in search of the ruins from the prophecy. They found a fishing village. At the fishing village, they encountered a Zartos patrol that was searching for “a woman dressed in white” who could only be Talia. The party, assisted by the villagers, beat back the attacking Zartos. During the battle, Elwe cast an electricity cloud that managed to electrocute several horses (and Zartos soldiers) to the point that their eyes popped out (the result of a 96-99 roll on a “C” electricity crit). The villagers were very thankful and promised friendship to the adventurers.

The three girls traveled from the village up river to the ruins of Tolkar. They had learned from the fishermen that the ancestors of the fishermen had come to the Rotaran area as raiders and then conquered the old kingdom (the Rotaran Kingdom). The fishermen also told the adventurers about the maelstrom that is constantly storming about 100 miles offshore. There is no way to leave the continent by sea.

Our heroines had been following the river bank, which brought them deep into a forest. There was a fog, and they were ambushed. There was a short fight wherein Ameratat was knocked unconscious. Talia picked her up and the adventurers ran (they did first manage to knock out the leader of the ambushing forces, a big guy with a bonecrusher mace and a horned helmet).

When Ameratat became conscious again, the three were trapped inside a building in the ruins of the old city. They were trying to hide from the numerous pursuing forces, when they found a secret passage that led underground. There they were surrounded and captured by a party of Elves.

These elves turned out to be good guys. The adventurers were brought before the leader of the elves, Galatan Glithoniel, who turned out to be Elwe’s uncle. This is when Finwe finally joins the story! Galatan asks Finwe to show the girls around the sanctuary city of Tolari. The party spends two weeks in Tolari doing various things. Elwe discovers some spells in the library. Talia spends the whole time getting sooty in the forge. Ameratat takes some weapons’ skill challenges with the Elven warriors, and also partakes of some nighttime”extra curricular” activities with one of the weapons’ trainers.

Galatan tells the girls the history of the area. Grey elves migrated there many thousands of years ago. Mingled with the local human population. Rotaran Kingdom was born (eventually became an empire covering the whole continent). Unfortunately, one of the Rotaran Kings went psycho and banned all magic, and then started killing Faery races. The Rotaran army was made up almost entirely of “Warrior Mages” so when magic was banned, the army was kinda helpless. They weren’t used to fighting without magic, many of them couldn’t. Invaders came (think “vikings”) and overran the kingdom, sacked and burned the capital city. Galatan managed to save the infant son of the psycho king, and brought him down to the Elven sanctuary of Tolari.

Back to the present, the line of kings is still extant. Galatan introduces the party to the prince Einhar Eldjarin. In discussions with the party, Galatan concludes that now is the time to come out of hiding and attempt to restore peace to the Rotaran plain. Galatan warns of the evils of Zartos the sorceror, and charges the adventurers with a quest: defeat Zartos.

Galatan asks the adventurers to take Einhar with them, he is inexperienced, but he has spent all of his life with the elves. He needs exposure to the lands of his people, and also some guidance/training from adventurers like Talia, Ameratat, and Elwe. Galatan asks Finwe to join the party as well.

The now larger party of adventurers sets out for the Fey Forest, with a message for Fin from Galatan (they are old friends but haven’t spoken in 1,000 years. Galatan thought Fin was dead). The adventurers are hoping they can enlist the aid of Fin and his faery-folk in their fight against Zartos.

Talia is also hoping to travel to Mt. Vala. The party is already friendly with the inhabitants there, and even if it is somewhat far away, they could be of help. But most importantly, Galatan told Talia that in the old days there was a Temple of the Light somewhere on Mt. Vala.

Now, as we are about to start our adventure, it is late afternoon on the third day since the party left Tolari. In those three days, you’ve had encounters with wild animals and a Zartos patrol. You also met two Priests of Zartos* on the road. Before they could speak, Ameratat shot the old one in the gut. The two ran away. Also, one evening while you were resting, your camp was attacked by what Finwe recognized as a Gwolf, but Ameratat recognized as a barghast. You concluded they were the same species with two different names.

Now, with that in the past, you are about 100 yards in front of the eaves of the Fey Forest. You’re looking forward to seeing Fin again, and maybe having another feast around their large bonfire with the sound of Fauns playing pan pipes and dryads singing in the air.


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